Human is the only creature on the planet that records what he sees around him through drawing and painting. Drawing and creativity is exclusively our ability, yet it is often attributed to only a select few.

For almost twenty years, we have been convincing you that almost everyone can learn to draw beautifully. To this day, it is one of the most popular courses among general public. Its concept is suitable for complete beginners who have never learned to draw and just want to find out how "it" works.

Even the slightly more advanced will come to their senses, who is ready to move on from the eternal beginnings and find out if "something" slumbers in them and thus take the first remarkable step in drawing.

Come explore how our left and right halves of the brain work. You will learn how to easily switch from the left to the right to discover your inner artist.

This course includes 7 hours of learning program😊


During the course, you will learn how the cerebral hemispheres work.

Each lesson we will give you the opportunity to realize and therefore understand how your brain receives information and how it continues to process it. You will experience how it is easy to provoke a conflict between the two hemispheres and how each of them will process the task in a completely different way. We will teach your left side of the brain to trust the right one. Eventually, it wouldn’t have a choice, but to give in and realize that this is the best way to go. And your Mr. The Critic and his colleague Mr. Perfect chilling in the left half, will worship the right one. 😊



 55€ (20% OFF)

Take a look at our students' works before and after completing the course.

The difference on the second day of the course

After a couple of hours

The first and second day

Before and After the course
Significant difference
Everyone is able to improve
How to draw an eye

to make it look realistic

Let's draw 

this beautiful little girl together

Before and After

You will experience an incredible difference

How to picture everything we see around us?

Transferring a 3D model to a 2D plane

Hair, growth and volume

Light, shadow and colour value

Shading techniques

Modeling lips and ears

Vase or Face

Left Brain vs. Right Brain

Drawing horse upside down

The left brain learns to trust the right

"Negative drawing" of a chair

From left to right